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Copper Roof Vents
Slant Back Copper Roof Vent

Ventilation for asphalt, slate, copper, metal and tile roofs

All Copper Construction 16" x 20.313" x 5" 8" Weather-Tight Seamed Collar Fits All Pitched Roofs

 Copper Static Air Roof Vent Provides 50 NFA (in.) Per Vent

Three Sides Louvered for greater air flow and bird-proof protection.


Add a backdraft damper to almost any roof vent
Plastic construction, will not rust!  Prevents corrosion of dissimilar metals at connection.

Exhaust vent adapter fits 3" or 4" flexible duct.
10 nailing flange.
Installs from top of deck or inside of attic
 to roof vent.


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There is a silent war underway in most attics and crawlspaces.  Insulation, structure, paint and roofing materials are under attack from heat and moisture.  Excessive heat buildup can top 150 degrees Fahrenheit in an attic.   Excessive moisture can actually condense to water droplets.  The only way to get rid of damaging heat and moisture is with a proper ventilation system of intake and exhaust ventilators.  Left unventilated, heat and moisture can wreak havoc in a home, causing expensive damage.  With a proper ventilation system of intake and exhaust vents, hot humid air is continually replaced by fresh air, removing excessive heat and moisture.

How do ventilators work?

Is a vent just a vent?

Ventilation products are all too often considered a commodity.  The lack of proper knowledge leads to the belief that all cornice vents are alike; a roof louver is a roof louver; there is no difference between vents, possibly other than price. In truth, however there is a substantial difference in products.

Product Design - Ventilation products are designed to achieve two major functions - capacity to ventilate and weather protection.

1. Capacity To Ventilate - Intake and roof exhaust are determined by four factors:

A. Thermal Effect - The air outside of the attic is always colder than the air inside the attic. Hot air does not rise - cold air pushes it.   The opening available on the cornice vent determines the amount of cold air allowed to push hot air upward.  The exhaust capabilities are determined by the flue or stack of the exhaust ventilator.  The process works much like a chimney or stove pipe.   Using roof louvers as an example, compare various products and their flue or collar.

B. Wind Pressure - Outside air moving across the exhaust ventilator creates a pressure difference causing the ventilator to draw depending on design. Product design determines true exhaust capabilities.

C. Centrifugal Force - This capability can only be implemented by an electric power source or wind rotary action.  Longevity of the products to perform this action is key in understanding this ventilation approach.

D. Location on the Roof - The above factors discussed are positively influenced by application of the vent on the top one-fourth section of the roof.

2. Weather Protection - The capacity to ventilate is of utmost importance; however, weather protection cannot be sacrificed.  Weather infiltration develops the main enemy in the attic, moisture.  Product comparison in the field demonstrates this major factor.

Summary:  There is a great difference in ventilation products available in the marketplace. The low cost of ventilation relative to the value enhancement dictates using the most functional products available.

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Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at info@volko.com 
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