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Custom Copper Wall Vents


16 oz Bright Copper

Fully Riveted

1 1/4" Flange / 2" Deep

45 Degree Blades
( 1 every 2" )

Stationary Louvers are used for either intake or exhaust on homes, factories, restaurants, barns, theaters, ships, etc.

#8 coated aluminum mesh

Ideal for power exhaust with the simple removal of the screen


Louvers are available with the blades running either the short or the long way. When ordering, designate width first.

Louvers can be made in any size up to forty-eight inches in two inch increments, to allow for even distribution of blades.


Round and custom shapes also...

Call, e-mail or fax a sketch for pricing.



Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at info@volko.com 
...for all those things you thought were not available in copper.




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garbage cans
Fireplace & Chimney Fans

Cupolas & Custom Cupolas

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Automation Systems, Modulating Fan Speed Controls, Draft Control Systems, 
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans and Pressure Controllers.

Full service does still exist, and here the premium is on service not on price.   1-800-685-8263
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