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Copper Stuff Source
Servicing Home Owners & Contractors since 1948

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Copper Ventilation Solutions
Vent covers, louvers, caps, flashings & more....

If you find it cheaper.... its made cheaper.

Slant Back Copper
Roof Vents
Copper Roof Jacks

Most products are available for immediate shipment in single or carton quantities.  

Volko Supply is your source for copper pipe flashings copper roof vents louvers & ventilators. Volko Supply is your source for copper wall caps roof vents louvers & ventilators. Volko Supply is your source for copper roof vents copper roof louvers & power attic ventilators.
Copper Pipe Flashings
1" - 4" pitched roof application
Copper Wall Caps
all sizes custom copper & stainless steel
Copper Power Attic Fan
An all copper* attic fan

Click the pictures for sizes & specifications

Custom Copper
Wall Vents
Custom Copper
Shanty Caps
Gutter Cover


Custom Copper
Chimney Caps
  Single & Multi Flue
Hip Roof Style

Chimney Caps
     copper ridge roll copper scupper copper leaderbox
Fancy & Plain

Copper Leaderheads

Copper Ridge Cap/Ridge Roll Copper Scuppers and



Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at volkosupply@yahoo.com 
...for all those things you thought were not available in copper.

Don't forget add-ons.    We also can supply you with....

Solder -  Solder Irons

- Paste & Flux -

Copper Nails & Rivets

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 More Copper Stuff....

Click to visit Volko.com and see a wonderful collection of Copper Weathervanes Click for a nice selection of Copper Finials Click to visit Volko.com for Copper Ceiling panels Click to visit the Chimney Cap Source for Copper Chimney Caps
copper finials copper
 metal ceilings
chimney caps
copper gutter


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  Cupolas wood vents & registers in-ground
garbage cans
Fireplace & Chimney Fans

Cupolas & Custom Cupolas

Click to visit Volko.com and see a wonderful collection of Wood Floor Vents Click to visit Volko.com and see a nice collection of Underground Garbage Cans Exhausto chimney fan.  EXHAUSTO is a leading manufacturer of products including: Chimney Fans, Chimney 
Automation Systems, Modulating Fan Speed Controls, Draft Control Systems, 
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans and Pressure Controllers.

Full service does still exist, and here the premium is on service not on price.   1-800-685-8263
Volko Supply Co. Inc